The following is a guide to the collection of images that we have to display. This collection will change and, as with other sections of the site, is dependant upon contributions made by others.

Tudor Instruments
Here is a link to a page put together by Matt Rogalsky displaying photos of a selection of David Tudor's electronic instruments.

Fan Art!
Only one contribution so it is.
Here's an explanation: "...a simple graphic I did a year or so ago in which I used chance operations applied to Cage's quote of Tudor's quip from the Indeterminacy record; 'He said "That'll be a relief."'
-Michael Carlton Flint

Soundings: Ocean Diary

Installation at the Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh,PA, USA.
This installation used photographs of the Merce Cunningham dance, specially prepared recordings of Tudor's music, and Warhol's pillows. There are four photos here of David checking out the installation with John D.S.Adams in 1994.

This is a shot of John D.S. Adams and his set-up for Phonemes-Hybrid at a Cunningham EVENT performance in London, 1995.

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