The Future of David Tudor's Music
a statement by John D.S.Adams, D'Arcy Philip Gray, and Peter Zaparinuk.

"...there are a number of ways to attack this problem and one question that you're asking is how do I make it [my music] my own if I am teaching it to other people. Somebody has to be aware of the kinds of designs which I seek out... it isn't for me, it's never a question of my taste, because I am perfectly willing for my music to exist with somebody else's taste. "

-David Tudor (in interview with Matt Rogalsky 3/28/95)

David Tudor clearly expressed his wish to have his music kept alive within the platform for which it was composed - the live performance. Toward the end of his life, Tudor personally encouraged and guided the musicians working with him and around him in their research and performance of his music. We were fortunate to be among those who received this training, learning how he approached the composition and performance of his works, and how he accepted how his music might change with others performing it.

At present, Tudor's music reaches only a limited audience through a small number of commercial recordings. In order to enable the continuation and presentation of his music in a live performance setting, we are committed to presenting performances with accompanying lecture/workshops to take place throughout North America and Europe. We have given ourselves two goals which will guide us through our future performances. The first, and most essential goal of this project, is to continue expanding our own knowledge of Tudor's music by studying and researching each of his works. The second goal is to share as much information about this music with our audience as we can. An integral part of our potential performances will be workshops, allowing for open discussion on the intricacies of the music and its presentation; sharing the knowledge we have through a lecture/workshop and working directly with the audience. Our hope is to increase the interest in this music, encouraging others to learn, explore and eventually perform Tudor's compositions. We believe the opportunity for people to experience this incredibly creative music, from both the listening and the performing perspectives, is critical to its future.

With the realization of this project, we hope to take a look under the hood of Tudor's music, applying our own knowledge and tapping into the knowledge of others, thus expanding our contribution to the public understanding and accessibility of his music. A lecture/workshop and performance of the music of David Tudor will prove to be a highly educational and inspirational experience for any audience of contemporary music and it will be a valuable opportunity for the public to hear these rarely performed pieces as they should be heard. An event such as this also serves as an historical look at the aspects of live electronic performance as established by Tudor in the 1950's; acknowledging his legacy.

Below are the two directions that this work will take in the near future:



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